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Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is a premier group of volunteer leaders, each with their own industry expertise, background, and network. Their mission is to support the ongoing initiatives and values of the university through events, services, and the fostering of life-long connections between the university and its alumni. Members serve as crucial ambassadors of the University of La Verne Alumni Association that bridge the gap between students to alumni and alumni to alumni.

Member Expectations

  • Mandatory board meeting attendance
    • Quarterly meetings are held throughout the year, with one Alumni Advisory Board retreat in the summer
  • Inclusion of the University of La Verne in yearly charitable donations
  • Attend and assist with Alumni Weekend/Homecoming
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the university and informal/formal recruitment of students


Elections are held once a year in June for new members.

Alumni Advisory Board Application

Current AAB Membership

Executive Board


Walter “Wade” Worthy II ’08


Stephanie Hancock ’16

Vice Presidents

Linda “Maggie” Anguiano ’08

Luis Lopez ’16, MBA ’18

Representative to the Board of Trustees

Alex Lester ’08, JD ’11

Immediate Past President

Manuel Lopez ’06, MEd ’10

Members at-Large

Thomas Allison ’07, JD ’10, MPA ’13 Iliana Flores-Garcia, MPA ’15 Vidya Narayanaswamy, MBA ’18
Michael Anderson ’13 George Gillispie ’14 Edgar Ortiz ’15
Maria Angiuano ’09 Jessica Gonzales-Miramontes ’17 Mariano Padilla ’16
Anthony Artry, MBA ’10, MS ’10, EdD ’18 Joel Harworth ’98 Kieth Prager ’95, MEd ’98
Monique Avila ’08, MEd ’11 Gabriel Hernandez, MBA ’10 Lauren Rios ’15
Elric Boardman ’66 Jennifer Kane, MEd ’04 Nick Solis ’08
Christopher Braunstein ’02, MEd ’05 Jackie Ku ’19 Renita Ulloa-Pedroni ’02, MS ’06
Christiane Browne ’07 Tamara Lien Reyes ’97 Stephanie Van Ginkel, MBA ’09
Carl Caston ’97, MA ’01 Tiffany Mendez ’09, MEd ’13, EdD ’18 Alan Weinreb ’09
George Cuarenta ’15, MS ’18 Mary Anne Mendoza ’14
Robert Fredrickson ’16 Colleen Meyer, MBA ’14