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Golden Leopard Society

The University of La Verne’s Golden Leopard Society was created to honor and celebrate alumni who graduated 50 years ago or more. Membership is free and automatic.

New society members are inducted at their 50th class reunion. Each member receives a special medallion to commemorate the milestone and is encouraged to wear the medallion proudly whenever they are on campus.

Golden Leopards can also look forward to an annual celebratory luncheon. All alumni who graduated at least 50 years ago are invited, and everyone comes wearing their medallion if they have one or receives one upon entry if they do not. The president or another member of the university’s leadership provides a brief institutional update as members enjoy a warm, casual social event. The luncheon usually ends with a lively group sing-along of the alma mater. Such was the case at our inaugural Golden Leopard Society Luncheon.

Launched in 2018, the Golden Leopard Society works to keep the Leo spirit alive among the University of La Verne’s cherished elder alumni.